Saturday, April 05, 2008


the brighter the thinner
the dearer the closer
the colder the richer
the older the sadder
the dryer the paler
the coarser the straighter
the harder the clearer
the newer the blander
the longer the slower
the later the lighter
the darker the dimmer
the shorter the better
the nobler the loner
the sharper the trimmer
the braver the butcher
the larger the lower
the wetter the slicker
the heavier the tanner
the hungrier the furrier
the bolder the tamer
the starker the slacker
the higher the number
the whiter the blinder
the finer the bluer
the cheaper the cleaner
the fuller the crisper
the closer the fainter
the younger the goner
the plainer the faker
the dumber the damper
the louder the speaker the deafer the voter
the solider the soldier the faster the fetter the stiffer the boner
the queerer the manner the deader the debtor the stiller the hammer
the quicker the scraper the farther the summer the poorer the farmer
the sicker the larder the vaster the former the taller the ladder
the softer the shoulder the wider the river the blanker the latter
the nearer the answer the sail or the drum or the
bomb or the drive or the fly
or the bank or the deal or
the freeze or the boat or the
time or the bleed or the wave
or the sand or the work or the wreck the elect the rule the talk the shift
the tear the drop the hit the heat
the mark the mast the moth the dream
the crack the loose the drift the fit

Friday, April 04, 2008


around the well bodies
circled peering

pulsed and pearled
their budding song

to suffer this
in place, awaiting


furled in stay






tarry, carrier

then fly,

while we

ill in tolerance the west
circles as time stuck
stockpiles a conic stand:

high olympus
heads off home


Olympus is a big canonical dick that spurts out
medals (and occasional cantos) celebrating the
deeds of singular and heroic individuals. Believed
to be contracted by excessive handling of these
medals in the course of their exchange for new
and Chinese Orange Counties, overseas development,
oil fields and advertising dollars, Olympism is a
condition in which this dick sprouts from the public
foreheads of Snopeses as they invoke their gods
against the CNN syndrome, where gore-spattered
photographs render us incapable of distinguishing
between politics (the intermarriages of these gods)
and elementary realism (the desire to keep our blood
inside our bodies). “You can buy them critters if you
want to,” he said, “but me, I’d just as soon buy a tiger
or a rattlesnake. And if a Snopes offered me either
one of them, I would be afraid to touch it for fear it
would turn out to be a painted dog or a piece of
garden hose when I went up to take possession of it.”
At five o’clock the Texan will have crumpled the third
paper carton and dropped it to the earth beneath him,
and all but two of the deadly ponies will have been sold
for sums ranging from three dollars to six hundred
million dollars. We are between, abiding, waiting to
discover with whom we will have turned out in droves
to identify. A masked chorus fills the screen for hours
with the introduction to song.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

in the yard a punning kiss
line of cars repeating back
forming in the wave affair
a bow tie of sorts and seethes
and springs untouched by drop
by drop

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

(Another word-per-minute attempt:)

now a sentence: stretch artfully
this neck, bottle, cupped pause
wherein a few astonishments are
cradled, held at bay while wetly
we wait, exuding anticipations not
precisely put, rather placed, set
in motion early to carry
songs once fixed in passing
cars over into that between
which holds chance to be
against beams (silence here, stuck
with beams) that aren't but
want to be about, turning
from the shape of a
thought into the things that
come to light: street, cup,
birch, secret, flock, still holding
it in abeyance that it
may abide, that thought suspended
while blue--hare's breath--slips
you crisply into one white
blank, a place at table
where it becomes clear that
these decisions will lead nowhere
but you'll make them anyway,
to keep in practice. Lines
like lids decide.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

(This was written at the rate of one word per minute, for as long as I can stand it. It's a very irritating exercise--you can't do much besides watch the stopwatch, and a minute isn't long enough to stop thinking about the word you just wrote and the one to come next).

already five forming, stop. bilge
marmalade molecule begins to lengthen
shades grinding mop to map
threshold spills dissolve squirrel paws
on spite--attractive gluten-wreathed
hand sticks to stage mug
weak minute chips away ache
napping? unllikely ryan departs moong
bulb mulls per broom scrape
glints beep polyphone birdwhistle delivery
glare? extender distractions slow fifty
screws illumine warmup freshets trademark
wristicuffs roy hendrixes assent pause.