Saturday, April 05, 2008


the brighter the thinner
the dearer the closer
the colder the richer
the older the sadder
the dryer the paler
the coarser the straighter
the harder the clearer
the newer the blander
the longer the slower
the later the lighter
the darker the dimmer
the shorter the better
the nobler the loner
the sharper the trimmer
the braver the butcher
the larger the lower
the wetter the slicker
the heavier the tanner
the hungrier the furrier
the bolder the tamer
the starker the slacker
the higher the number
the whiter the blinder
the finer the bluer
the cheaper the cleaner
the fuller the crisper
the closer the fainter
the younger the goner
the plainer the faker
the dumber the damper
the louder the speaker the deafer the voter
the solider the soldier the faster the fetter the stiffer the boner
the queerer the manner the deader the debtor the stiller the hammer
the quicker the scraper the farther the summer the poorer the farmer
the sicker the larder the vaster the former the taller the ladder
the softer the shoulder the wider the river the blanker the latter
the nearer the answer the sail or the drum or the
bomb or the drive or the fly
or the bank or the deal or
the freeze or the boat or the
time or the bleed or the wave
or the sand or the work or the wreck the elect the rule the talk the shift
the tear the drop the hit the heat
the mark the mast the moth the dream
the crack the loose the drift the fit

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