Thursday, February 02, 2006

(this one might be finished)

“Chigger bites”
comes naturally.

Must we remember “modes
of vibration?”

Honey, you’re micromanaging…


“There’s no age limit on stickers”
In town, creeks bend back on themselves, under and out again.
Thus 3-D is science farce. Choose icons from:
letters, numbers, shapes credit cards
on your shirt or on your nametag.
“It looks like it’s raining out”
“It is!”
“You ordered it”
“I did?”

“That’s basically what it’s called.”

Hating the Beach

Lightning interests
the sleeker populace
of Green Fork
Junction. The sort of node
bereft of kinglier fish,
organized by fiduciary
interest elsewhere. interest elsewhere.
Even loosely translated
we’re hard to adapt, pockets
of Archimedean style. Stains
on the cuffs we’ll never
afford to clean. Idiot glow,
rose-stupid sky, where waters
run naked as a drunken schoolboy
in time with the homesick
its eye. it’s I.