Saturday, June 03, 2006


Enormous rings around the moon.
ENORMOUS is a bell.
ADDRESS changes form.
Down in the elevated GARDENS
AGREEMENT of symbology means he
gets to cut your hand five times (two).

Speak in a low voice from sunrise to
sunset. Factor in the object’s
objection. Subject address to
change. Fry with glue and dispose.

Shadow puppets on the moon.


The history of a metaphor breaks down.

Morning, a leading up or running out
where the just-risen
from the worn-down)
forget the possibility of silence
(without preposition).

(without preposession)

“Am I too big?”
asks the box.

A metaphor rots.
History decays.

I can hear the helicopter in my teeth.

Post-production produces a post

then another

lining up to mark the limit  

from "Opening Sentences III"

Something like a curtain evoked fluttering
on a hill.
Therefore the, that, or this.
Every time it went up.
I wanted to see it again and again,
but for the set to change each time.
That was in I.
Phil verifiably, Aesop intentionally.
Clumsy. Gentle. No-one.
Respia, quick. Cora, late.
No catalog for the catalogued things.