Thursday, May 11, 2006

april in chicago (bits)

Gray quotation, I mean
quotidian, passed on
in the dark. Elements
of the overheard. The address
does not exist.

Thin Swedish coffee? I collapse.
In neutral lies.
Will the end (pig and lambs

the idea that the orchestra
it was just like "voomp!"
and empty
the Ask Larry Show
we run it and run
I lick my own arm
(it's rough and roughly literary)and fall asleep in the mid
basically a controller
for jerks

grasses bend
looking still


scabrous again

love for

then the dampers slid off, add resonance in the room
a musical offering, rejected


siren in the break
it’s where you put your art

good choice of squirm


a draft


Three things you
in the rain are the shit
become a story in my spoon
driving some away muse


given that the moon is in the door the spring
such profusion of errors is love worth
a temporary transition out bear with this
and a half investigation tumbled our life
I would pocket you beneath the willows
were you not so good at taking care of yourself
my not my my never-retracted above the loop
slim dependable, many-voiced and thirst


the song unending
what a horrible idea
moths investigate the blue lanes
where spine gives in to regard
the men with their conceits in tow
unbalanced the way a joke returns

whose woods these are I think I


a reflection
to flit vs.
place of stand
thought place

mock here
in back ground

no nipples
enter the fray
it always starts there

he disappears
like a stain


turned the dial past that spring

stub toe, curse, trail off, miff


Chicago is periods.
skimmed, scattered
this reported
abaft, anon
a mouse
or rather hedgehog
in a hand
another touched
a pawn
or rather
peon, moved
it there
or here.


Jetty is dog

whittle it down
a frosted clock
paid training
in time
it ain’t

he felt the blood

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