Saturday, March 04, 2006

some initial paragraphs

this is the start of something. a lot of beginnings on this blog, I hope.

Together we’re a typical man on a Sunday jaunt, even though separately or in France we’re hardly male and so disparate as to make even representation by analogy highly unlikely. This has little to do with our so-called genitals, which further distinguishes it from us. One of us wanted to do something useful just when the other was a sketch of possibilities, in need of suspension while the delicate connections were made. Practice, in any case, carved these borders with its doubled folds, and the result of us was the rehearsal of one thing accompanied by the re-enactment of something entirely else.

Who can tell what the deal is with “jaunt?” It doesn’t carry the desired sense of “away-ness.” With us it was like some “absence-only” program, carried on in stead of lunch—an anorexia of time; that’s the only way to say it. By which I mean “an anorexia of time.” Anyway, start with a decoy and the story can hide for awhile, maybe in the reader. As we like to uncover.

A typical response to the theater is “___________.” Typicality is a feature of most others. But not us, entering into activities in ignorance of what was said between us—utterly without influence. That’s because nakedness hides the typical mode of performing being-with-others. On stage, this became part of the new society.

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